Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Made Bad Breath Spray Using Thyme

Interested to make your own home-made bad breath spray? Here is a simple recipe on how to make one such breath spray using thyme. Thyme is a very common househould herb that is often used for cooking or its medicinal values.

What You Need:
25 g of fresh thyme leaves
30 g of fresh mint leaves
5 fresh eucalyptus leaves
3 tsp of aniseed
3 tsp of cloves
200 ml of vodka
1 lemon
1 tbsp of artificial sweetener, if you prefer
4 tbsp glycerine

What To Do:
1. Remove the leaves of the thyme, mint and eucalypytus and blend them together in a blender. Add aniseed and cloves to the blender too.

2. Pour the mixture into a dark bottle. Add in the vodka, lemon and artificial sweetener and leave the whole mixture for about 3 weeks.

3. Strain mixture through muslin once you have given it sufficient time to macerate. Add in the glycerine. Stir it well and pour into a 50 ml spray bottle.

How To Use:
Spray 1ml of mixture into your mouth whenever you need to freshen up your breath. As mixture contains alcohol, be careful not to overuse it. Your bad breath spray can easily last you a year.

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